Lessons learned from the last two weeks

It’s been exactly two whole weeks now since we first started working on the farm. Frankly, I’m exhausted. While it’s true that I did not spend too much time doing manual work, this whole experience has been taxing — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

First of all, we had problems. Not just with managing the expenses, but also with managing the people. I’m only starting to realize that this is perfectly normal for someone just starting out in any field of business. Obstacles always come up and someone is always trying to sabotage your plans.
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Why I’m turning our property into a farm

I was never the type of girl who liked gardening. I’ve never grown anything and I never wanted to. In fact, if you asked me at any point in my life a list of things I wanted to have, a garden just wouldn’t be one of them.

Yet here I am, twenty-five years old, making a complete turn-around from someone who was apathetic about gardening into an aspiring agri-preneur, planning out a nine thousand square meter, fully sustainable farm. So why the sudden change?

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We’re getting more help! Yay!

“You only get what you give.” – New Radicals

Yesterday, Ate Tata (our nanny) welcomed her family to Dipolog City. They’ll be living here now… all EIGHT of them, including six kids and her husband. They were forced out of their home in San Carlos City, Negros, following negotiations to sell their property to a local buyer. So they decided to start fresh somewhere else. Since Ate Tata didn’t want to leave us (due to several reasons I won’t be mentioning here), she decided that Dipolog City would be her family’s new home.

We don’t really know how this will affect us financially as we’re currently feeding their entire family plus ours. However, we do appreciate the help we’re getting on the farm. Another good news is that they’ve already found a house to rent for PHP 2,500 monthly. Not bad considering the house’s close proximity to the city. They’ll probably be moving there a few days from now after they’ve cleaned up and furnished the place.

Anyway, the farm now has eight people working on it daily, including my fiance and I. This is how everything looks so far:

8 frames done

That’s Ate Tata’s eldest boy on the right, helping Jayson carry a concrete block to an under-construction raised bed .

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Six plots done – we’re ahead of schedule!

It’s only been a week but we managed to finish six raised vegetable beds. This is three more than my original target. That’s not a bad start, if I do say so myself.

It looks a little rushed though, I admit. But I can’t afford to be pushy right now. I’d really like the people who are helping to stick around until the project’s finished. Later on, I’ll have to make adjustments to improve the aesthetic appeal of the garden. But for now, I’m quite happy with how they turned out. 😀

6 plots

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First frames and seedling trays

We finally laid down the concrete blocks that will serve as the frame for the raised beds. I think with the current number of concrete blocks, we’ll be able to make six beds total. Afterwards, I’ll order more blocks so we can make additional beds. But for now, this will have to do as we’re a little short on manpower.

The guy you see in the left side of the image above is my cousin, Jayson, who graciously volunteered his time to help us out. Without him, I don’t think we’d be making very good progress. Since Monday, I’ve been constantly out of the house running errands for my mom and it has really set me back with work and the project. But the good news is that while John (my fiance) and I were out, we bought a bunch of stuff that we really needed for the farm…

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Gardening from nothing

Our house sits on top of a LARGE parcel of land. About nine thousand square meters, in the middle of the city, literally 10 minutes walking distance from what’s going to be the largest mall in Dipolog City (my hometown). And it’s depressing to see it overrun with weeds, grass, and critters I can’t identify.

For as long as I can remember, I pictured turning this property into something beautiful. It just had so much potential. The ground was fertile and it even included a pond at the back, yet we made no effort to improve it. At first, I thought about landscaping the entire area, but the cost would be dizzying! Also, the ongoing expense of paying people to maintain a nine thousand sq. m. garden would kill me. Continue reading

Limiting Beliefs: How to Break Free From Them

My belief in myself and my abilities trumped his limiting belief of me, and that made all the difference.

Before I go into detail about what “limiting beliefs” are, I’d like to talk about the subject of ‘Beliefs’ in general.

I see it as a feeling of certainty about what something is or means. We create our own unique belief system based on the things we’ve been exposed to from childhood… but not all of them are true – in fact, some of them are terribly and debilitatingly FALSE. Continue reading