First frames and seedling trays

We finally laid down the concrete blocks that will serve as the frame for the raised beds. I think with the current number of concrete blocks, we’ll be able to make six beds total. Afterwards, I’ll order more blocks so we can make additional beds. But for now, this will have to do as we’re a little short on manpower.

The guy you see in the left side of the image above is my cousin, Jayson, who graciously volunteered his time to help us out. Without him, I don’t think we’d be making very good progress. Since Monday, I’ve been constantly out of the house running errands for my mom and it has really set me back with work and the project. But the good news is that while John (my fiance) and I were out, we bought a bunch of stuff that we really needed for the farm…

…such as the seedling trays.

Seedling Tray

100 slots for 100 water spinach seeds

I was so excited to test them out that I immediately went to work planting the seeds when we got back. I planted one seed per slot and watered the entire thing. Hopefully these will grow nice and fast now that the seedlings won’t have to compete for space anymore.

growing seedlings

I planted the seedlings for those two trays (top) on Nov. 25. This is how big they’ve gotten after four days. Wow!

It’s amazing how nature works. Look at the tiny plants growing sideways, trying to catch every bit of sunlight. You see, I told my nanny that the seedlings needed to be placed somewhere where it gets direct sunlight.

I was only assuming since, like I said, I have no idea how planting really works.

She responded by saying that the seedlings are like babies at this stage so they won’t need as much sun yet. She placed the trays somewhere that gets hit by direct sunlight only after around two in the afternoon. When she saw that the sprouts ended up looking like this, she finally transferred them to somewhere where they could get more sun.

farm girl kleia

When you really want to help but you have no idea what you’re doing.

First plog

In the next few days, I think we’ll be focusing more on securing the concrete blocks with sticks and pebbles (which I’ll take pictures of) and adding in the soil. In truth, I’m really excited to see how the raised beds will turn out. Hopefully, it will keep the plants from drowning when the end-of-year storms come.


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