Six plots done – we’re ahead of schedule!

It’s only been a week but we managed to finish six raised vegetable beds. This is three more than my original target. That’s not a bad start, if I do say so myself.

It looks a little rushed though, I admit. But I can’t afford to be pushy right now. I’d really like the people who are helping to stick around until the project’s finished. Later on, I’ll have to make adjustments to improve the aesthetic appeal of the garden. But for now, I’m quite happy with how they turned out. 😀

6 plots

By the way, we’ve severed our ties with the original supplier of the concrete blocks. The woman who was managing the warehouse and workers was a pain to deal with. We were spoken to and treated disrespectfully. This woman obviously didn’t care what other people thought about her so we decided to take our business elsewhere.

Fortunately, we found another supplier that wasn’t too far away from our house. Thank goodness. I ordered another two-hundred and fifty concrete blocks (11 pesos per block, amounting to 2,750 for the entire order). I knew this project wasn’t going to be cheap, but I am definitely starting to feel the pressure on my wallet.

Creeper Plants

We’ll be making around ten square plots for our ampalaya (bitter gourd) and batong (string beans).

As soon as the new batch of concrete blocks arrive this Monday, we’ll be making plots for our climber vegetables. Then we’ll be adding a slanted trellis for them to grow around on. This should make the harvesting easier.

Oh, and I am loving how my water spinach are growing so far. To be fair, they’re really easy to grow. Just keep the soil moist and give them plenty of sun. 🙂

KangKong 1 week

These water spinach are exactly a week old from germination.

The seedlings I planted in the trays are also doing great. I think they started sprouting on Day Two from germination, which is really fast since the first batch sprouted on Day Four. I think it has something to do with the height of the soil I used to cover the seeds. They seem to like it more when topped with a thin layer.

Kangkong 2 days

Looking good so far!

This turned out to be a very productive week for us. The farm plots are coming out nicely, things are also good with work, and we’re having tons of fun learning about farming. It won’t be long now until we can finally taste the fruits of our labor.

For my part, learning about the different types of crops and their ideal farming methods gave me fresh insight into the lives of farmers and agriculturists. It’s a craft that really requires discipline and an action-oriented mentality.

papa bunny helping

John and Ate Tata laying down the frame for the raised bed.

Looks like we have another busy week ahead of us. But so far, I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished. For those of you who haven’t tried gardening, I highly recommend it as a daily ritual. It’s calms the nerves, refreshes your senses, and is very rewarding.

Oh, and since it’s only a few weeks until Christmas…

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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