We’re getting more help! Yay!

“You only get what you give.” – New Radicals

Yesterday, Ate Tata (our nanny) welcomed her family to Dipolog City. They’ll be living here now… all EIGHT of them, including six kids and her husband. They were forced out of their home in San Carlos City, Negros, following negotiations to sell their property to a local buyer. So they decided to start fresh somewhere else. Since Ate Tata didn’t want to leave us (due to several reasons I won’t be mentioning here), she decided that Dipolog City would be her family’s new home.

We don’t really know how this will affect us financially as we’re currently feeding their entire family plus ours. However, we do appreciate the help we’re getting on the farm. Another good news is that they’ve already found a house to rent for PHP 2,500 monthly. Not bad considering the house’s close proximity to the city. They’ll probably be moving there a few days from now after they’ve cleaned up and furnished the place.

Anyway, the farm now has eight people working on it daily, including my fiance and I. This is how everything looks so far:

8 frames done

That’s Ate Tata’s eldest boy on the right, helping Jayson carry a concrete block to an under-construction raised bed .

plots side view

We finished eight frames and added soil to five plots.

I headed out this afternoon to buy ten more seedling trays and a bag of blooming fertilizer (high potassium mix). Right after arriving, I saw that they were already transplanting some of the seedlings. I placed down my sling bag and the stuff I bought to help. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not too good at this but I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to learn 🙂

me planting

the farmers

Some parts of the pathways have been covered with small rocks to prevent water from accumulating in the soil. Once all the raised beds are finished, all the pathways should be done, too.

planted plot

Let’s take a moment to admire Ate Tata’s fine gardening work.

From what other experienced farmers tell me, plants should not be watered with tap water. I get the logic. Treated water has a bunch of chemicals that plants probably won’t like. So we dug up our own little well which, thank goodness, didn’t take too much time. My fiance mentioned that Dipolog was situated very close to sea level. I think we never even passed one meter deep before we started seeing a LOT of water in the hole.


So plants should like this water better, right?

We’ll be placing concrete blocks on the four sides and cementing it so any loose soil from the top level won’t slide into the well during heavy rain fall.


Grow, seedlings, grow!

Vivo V7 PlusBy the way, the photos on this post were all taken from my new phone, the Vivo V7+. My old one died… sad. I really didn’t want to get a new one unless my old one had become unusable. It still turns on and runs okay, but the power button is permanently stuck and it dies on me almost constantly now. So, I’ve switched to a new one that I hope lasts longer than my old one did, which was five years.

You can get the Vivo V7+ on Lazada by clicking here. It’s super fast but I’m not a big fan of the selfie-centric front camera. If you’re big on selfies, you’ll love this smartphone.

Back to the farm updates… Here’s what I hope to accomplish tomorrow and over the weekend:

  • Plant more water spinach seeds (probably directly on the plots).
  • Place a hoop-house on one of the plots with water spinach plants. Will update later with pics to show what this looks like.
  • Add three to five more frames for the raised beds.
  • Start making the compost pit.
  • Plant more Chinese white cabbage seeds in the seedling trays.

And that’s about it on my list of to-do for the following days. Hopefully this week’s going to be even more productive than the last!



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