Lessons learned from the last two weeks

It’s been exactly two whole weeks now since we first started working on the farm. Frankly, I’m exhausted. While it’s true that I did not spend too much time doing manual work, this whole experience has been taxing — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

First of all, we had problems. Not just with managing the expenses, but also with managing the people. I’m only starting to realize that this is perfectly normal for someone just starting out in any field of business. Obstacles always come up and someone is always trying to sabotage your plans.

My younger self would have already thrown in the towel, but not present-day Kleia. I’ve learned that the more worthwhile your goals and dreams are, the more problems you’ll have to face. I know that when situations are at their worst, they may also be opportunities. Maybe I’m just stubborn and naive, but who I am now is also the product of lessons learned from the struggle and pain I’ve endured in the past.

The other thing that drained me these last few weeks were the buying errands. Rare are the days when I could just stay at home. I’d frequently be out ordering this, buying that, canvasing prices, talking to farmers, looking for materials, etc. Even while home I spent hours researching, joining agri-business groups, watching videos, and picking the brains of those more experienced than I. This was on top of my occasional farm-work, blog updates, and full-time job as a writer — oh, and I’m still regularly breastfeeding our son.

Strange as it may sound, the struggle of balancing my schedule and errands is also empowering. I think it comes from the knowledge that all this work is meant for something greater. It’s not just my dreams I’m trying to fulfill, but the dreams of everyone else. After all, if a kid like me can accomplish such big goals from nothing, it would inspire others to do the same.

Other lessons I’ve learned the last two weeks:

  • Talking about your plans isn’t half as rewarding as showing people your results.
  • If you feel cheated on, taken advantaged of, belittled, mocked, or stepped on… just keep going. Your dreams matter more than their behavior towards you.
  • You can’t achieve billion-peso dreams with a minimum-wage work ethic.



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