Lessons learned from the last two weeks

It’s been exactly two whole weeks now since we first started working on the farm. Frankly, I’m exhausted. While it’s true that I did not spend too much time doing manual work, this whole experience has been taxing — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

First of all, we had problems. Not just with managing the expenses, but also with managing the people. I’m only starting to realize that this is perfectly normal for someone just starting out in any field of business. Obstacles always come up and someone is always trying to sabotage your plans.
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Limiting Beliefs: How to Break Free From Them

My belief in myself and my abilities trumped his limiting belief of me, and that made all the difference.

Before I go into detail about what “limiting beliefs” are, I’d like to talk about the subject of ‘Beliefs’ in general.

I see it as a feeling of certainty about what something is or means. We create our own unique belief system based on the things we’ve been exposed to from childhood… but not all of them are true – in fact, some of them are terribly and debilitatingly FALSE. Continue reading