You’ve reached the official website of The Happy Writing Life, and I’m so glad you’re here!

First of all, my name’s Kleia and I started this site as my way of “putting myself out there”. I write about the things that are closest to my heart. I’m currently living in the Philippines and I enjoy writing as a form of self-expression.

My life is all about constant self-improvement so I’ll be frequently updating this site with tips on how to become a better writer, and a better person overall. If I’m not writing about those, I’ll probably be sharing updates on projects that are keeping me busy.

A little more about this site:

  • It’s a work-in-progress. There are still areas that lack content and design elements. Please bear with me while I’m in the process of turning this into a one of a kind blog!
  • It’s my way of stepping out of my comfort zone. I’ve always kept personal diaries so I thought having a public one for all to scrutinize would help me get over my fear of criticism.